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Top 10 search engine optimizations (SEO) links for beginners

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What is search engine optimization?

Wikipedia describes it as

the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.

I’d like to demistify the “seo” term a bit, so I came up with a list of links to help you understand what search engine optimization really is and what you or your webdesigner can do about it.

Rumour has it, that you’ll have to register your site with the search engines, which is not true. At least if we are not talking about submitting your sitemap.xml.

So, here’s the list:

  1. seomoz (search engine optimization blog)seo-search-engine-optimization-read-seomoz-rank-better_1240745678895
  2. seo cheat sheet (small pdf with short seo tips)SEO cheat sheet
  3. seobrowser (see your site like a search engine would do)See your website like a search engine would see it
  4. collected seo tipps (from gabriel weinberg)SEO tipps from Gabriel Weinberg
  5. how google really wants you to optimize your site (interview with a google evangelist)how google really wants you to optimize your site
  6. use google analytics, here’s the missing manual (missing manual for google analytics)Manual for google analytics
  7. use 404 pages for alternative content (google widget for 404 sites)Make your 404 pages more useful
  8. search engine optimization starter guide (from google)seo starter guide from google
  9. tipps on content from a google engineer (interview with Matt Cutts)Interview on SEO with Matt Cutts from google
  10. see how others do it (collection of over 13 tools for website analysis on of 13 tools to analyse your competitors from

What else can I do?

Some webdesigners start doing it the wrong way. They build their HTML, do some CSS styling and then put search engine optimization at the end.

Do it the other way round, build your HTML based on a good structure with hierarchical headlines, incorporate some of the search engine tips mentioned in the articles and create a valid document.

What can I do, if my site already exists?

Use common sense: Turn of the stylesheets of your site with webdeveloper toolbar or use seobrowser and see if it looks like a hierarchically formatted document to you.

If not, change.

All else that matters is very good  and unique content, content, content with the right keywords.

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